Drops of Hope Foundation is dedicated to improving quality of life, particularly of women and children, in the Imo State of Nigeria through literacy, micro finance, and basic health services. We firmly believe that investing in our women and children is key to the future economic and social success of our communities and strive to make available resources that support the financial independence of women, the literacy of children, and the basic health of all.

During the past two years, this mission has grown to incude the goal of establishing a School of Acquisition. Our foundation's Board of Directors has prioritiized this goal with our fundraising efforts. Father chrysogous has spent a great deal of time working with local help in Imo State to find an adequate property for the future home of the school. In August, 2021 Father Chrysogous was able to locate and secure a former bank, with the structure still entact, and this property was purchased in full at a price of $19,000.

Renovations began in July 2022 and are on-going. Please view the photos taken of the property, which is now known as "Campus One", and the progress being made on the Campus One page of this website.

Please go to our donation page if you would be willing to make a contribution to this project. Please know that 99% of your donation will be used to help the people in the area near Ihitte in Imo State, Nigeria.




Giving women the tools to start and maintain their own small businesses. Organizing health professionals to provide basic services to those otherwise unable to obtain basic healthcare. Providing school funding and supplies to children grades 1-12 who would otherwise remain uneducated.