Campus One Videos

This slideshow consists of photos taken of property purchased in September 2021 for our School of Acquisition. Our vision is that this will be the first of three campuses.

The first phase of this project is to build our own bricks in an effort to ensure quality and control costs. These bricks will be used to reinforce the first floor. The roof will be removed and a second story will be added, then a new roof will be installed.

Please know, that the property was purchased and paid for in full using donations received from you, our generous benefactors.

This second video is a slideshow of photos taken during the month of July, 2022. This is Phase 2 of construction of the school. The roof was removed. Some of the walls had to be replaced. Columns were added to support the weight of the second floor which is to be constructed in Phase 3 of this project.

Please use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the video screen to start, pause, enlarge to full screen or stop the video.

We thank you for your continued support. This would not be possible with out the generosity and love of people like you.