Future Plans & Goals

It is our hope and dream to build a School of Acquisition, to further help the people of Imo State. The following outlines our current plans and to answer frequently asked questions about this project.

Where will the school be located?

This school will be located in the village of Umuokwuru in the town of Mbaukwu Ihitte in the county of Local Government Area (LGA) of Ezinihitte Mbaise, in the Imo State of Nigeria.

The main reason for this location is because of the demography we are targeting. Most of the young people desert thier village with little or no skill. They move to the urban areas where they are immediately disappointed with no job and no means of sustainability. The secornd group are those who have finished college but can't find a job. Both of these conditions result in high crime and multiple imprisonment. With this school of acquisition, they will be trained to be self-employed and self-reliant, leading to literacy, safety and independence.

How many people will be served?

We estimate that in the first year of its opening more than 450 young people will benefit. That number will increase as awareness grows.

How will they benefit?

They will benefit in two ways: They will be educated and skilled at no charge and will receive help in obtaining the nesseary apparatus and implements they will need to stand independently on their own.

What types of programs will be offered?

Our goal is to offer simple, easy to learn, two-year programs, namely:

How will the school be maintained?

The school will be maintained through fundraising, by the "giving back" of those already trained and through the sales of items which the students design while in training.

What will the school look like?

The school will cover an acre of land on the inside. It will have about eight classrooms, three offices and one community room. When completed we will be expecting about 450 students and about 45 teachers. There will be morning and evening sessions for both students and teachers.

Kindly let us know if you need any additional information. You may contact us by email at dropsofhopefoundation@gmail.com.